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Map of OmanOMAN - the country of the dedicating smoke and the silver forge is accessible since 1987 for a limited number of visitors. Old Forts and palaces, pictorial markets and villages, deserts and palmrich oases constitute the special attraction of the country. Also arts and crafts earn special attention, are the Woodcut at windows and doors, ornate worked silverdagger or the classical boat building, which made the Omanis possible great sailor achievements. A journey to Oman becomes unforgettably

Muskat, the capital Oman with wonderful beach hotelsMuscat - the capital Oman is a natural bay protected by mountains, which is towered above by the impressive fortresses Mirani and Jalali. This city alone offers many objects of interest, like the Sultanspalace, the old town quarter “Muttrah” with its bankroad. In addition, the environment of the city is worth seeing with its old Forts, lively markets and nature beautifulnesses. In the year 2008 the opening of a golf course is planned, for divers gives it in Muscat a dipping center. Also fishing round trip can be organized

Oman Hotels und Rundreisen - herrliche Natur in Al RustaqIn Oman nature became the sculptor, often with a sense for humor. Omani waters offer a multiplicity at possibilities for water sport, deep sea dipping, sport fish, whale and dolphin observation routes and snorkels. Dhow cruises or sails, Windsurfen or jet ski lend immense dimensions to the water sport offer. A safari in the dunes of the seeming endless desert is an absolute adventure. Also wait a set of Forts and being awake towers, which are in strategically favorable distances, for your visit.

Turtle Beach Ras Al Jinz,High point of an Oman round trip or a trip off and to MuskatThe region Batinah extends along the coast north the region Muscat over Sohar up to the border of the united Arab emirates. The old cities Nizwa and Bahla are located of the western foothills of the Hajar of mountains.  With Sharqiya, in the east of the Hajar of mountains you find a beautiful and untouched coast, at which except thousands of migratory birds also sea turtles and dolphins are to be found. The remote Wahiba desert is one of the largest sand dune areas of the world - and apart from its natural beauty also by archaeological excavations of considerable historical interest. At the east coast, to approx. 310 km far away from Muscat Sur, an old port and sailor city is located.

Saftige Landschaft in Salalah, OmanIn the extreme south the region Dhofar lies. Due to only here the monsoon existing from June to Septembers the climate is completely different from the remainder Oman. Salalah - the capital of the province Dhofar famous as dedicating smoke country, is a coastal town of historical and modern coinage, pictorial lain, which is inside of tropical bath beaches in addition. Here are Sumhurum, a ruin city and supposed palace of the legendary queen of Saba.

Please note that there are only limited hotel capacities in Oman despite the size of the country. An early travel reservation is recommended, in order to avoid „load minute disappointments “!

Of Oman climate - the time of October to the end of April ranks among the best travel times for Oman with its desert climate. The daily average temperatures are with approx. 30 degrees Celsius, at night with pleasant 16 degrees Celsius. In the summer months June, July, August rises the thermometer partially up to nearly 50 degrees Celsius, in the south, in the Dhofar - region around Salalah, is it always some degrees coolly.

Conditions of entry into Oman - travelers from the Federal Republic of Germany need a passport, which must be still valid at least 6 months, as well as a visa for the entry into Oman. The following nationalities receive this visa with entry at the airport in Muscat against payment from Omani Rial 8.00 per person (=ca. €uro 20.00): Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Benelux countries, Spain, Portugal, Italy,Greece, Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Tchechi Republic of, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, French Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei. - Specified nationalities must not have already caught up a visa before entry

Gladly we arrange one „Meet & Greet “service with the help of with the entry for euro 20.00 per person. Inoculation are not at present prescribed.

Transfer postings/extensions - you travel with most of us mediated flights to an organizer special tariff. Transfer postings after ticket exhibition (e.g. changes of name or extension locally) are not possible so easily.

Ramadan in Oman - that Ramadan depends on the moon calendar. It ends four week later with a celebration, the “OATH” - days.
During Ramadan Muslims from sunrise to sunset may not eat, drink and smoke. Live music and dance are strictly forbidden in this chamfering time. As a tourist you are boarded during this time naturally in the hotel, must count however, in particular in the service, on restrictions and delays. Alcohol is not poured out during Ramadan.

Our hotel and roundtrip offers in Oman:

Hotels in Muscat
MUSCAT HOTELS: Direct tour operator net rates for Muscat Hotels like the Al Bustan Palace, Grand Hyatt Muscat, Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, The Chedi Muscat, Al Waha, Al Bandar, Al Husn, Al Nahda Hotel, Intercontinental Muscat, Crowne Plaza Hotel Muscat, Sheraton Oman
Musandam Hotels
The Musandam Peninsula is an exclave region of the Sultanate of Oman, separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. Zighy Bay is located 120 km, or approximately 90 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport, which is the gateway city to the Evason Hideaway at Zighy Bay & Six Senses SPA
Hotels in Salalah
Hotels in Salalah - Hotel prices of more selected Salalah hotels Hilton Salalah and Crowne Plaza Salalah to direct conditions
Wahiba Sands Hotels and Camps
Wild one camps in the Wahiba of sand desert in Oman. Fantastic nights in the desert in the Desert Nites Camp, that 100 Nites Camp or the Al Raha Desert Camp at organizer prices
Hotels in Sur, Nizwa, ...
Hotels in Sur, Nizwa, Al Sawadi, Ras Al Hadd at direct tour operator net rates from Oman specialist by Reiseservice Petra Graw
Oman roundtrips
Round trips in Oman whether as self driver round trip in the jeep or hummer, as Chauffeur round trip or as bus round trip - everything in air-conditioned vehicles!
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